From 20-23 July
Spain, Valencia
Tantra Retreat for Couples by Katya and Dima Plotko
“Balance in Relationship”
A New Level of Depth
Make a quantum leap towards your strength, potential, abundance, sexuality, and love.
Feel the expansion at the level of body, soul, and spirit!
Only 50 places!
Before 1st of July - Special Rate
about Retreat
Couples retreat is for YOU, as a couple, if:
  • You have been in a relationship for a long time, but live together out of habit.
  • You are considering divorce, but you would like to maintain your marriage not out of fear, but because you love each other.
  • In your relationship sex happens only on holidays, because there is no desire, passion, fire and flirt that was there before.
  • You have a harmonious, trusting relationship, but you would like further depth and intimacy with your partner.
  • You want to fall in love with each other again and develop your partnership while remaining yourself.
  • You are looking for teachers who will carefully lead you into the world of love, deep feelings, and a life of relaxation and enjoyment.
You want to fall in love with each other
Retreat is for you, dear woman, if:
Retreat is for you, the strong-willed man, if:
  • You understand that it is important to start all changes with yourself. You would like to learn more about yourself and learn techniques that will unleash your inner strength and sexuality. You would like to deepen your relationship and your level of intimacy with your partner.
  • You you would like to deepen the connection with yourself, understand your desires and desires of your partner, children, loved ones.
  • You are looking for a relationship, but you understand that, at first, it is important to grow and feel whole within yourself.
  • You are open to deep, sensual practices and know that tantra makes a woman’s life turn around 180 degrees.
  • You need a reset, a rest from deadlines and daily hamster wheel.
  • You are ready to the next level of growth and depth.
  • You have goals that you reach easily, but you lack confidence and courage to climb even higher.
  • You need energy and strength to be a leader.
  • You see that in a harmonious relationship you can be/do more and are ready to work on the relationship.
  • In your relationship with a woman, there is a lack of intimacy, openness and complete trust in each other.
Стоимость участия в мужском кругу - 8500 р. Обед и ужин включены в стоимость.
Количество мест ограничено!!!
Для бронирования пишите Елене WatsApp, Telegram: +7 916 245-63-39
The yin and the yang, the sun and the moon, water and fire - this balance in the relationship between a man and a woman allows you to make a quantum leap and move to a deeper, more sensual level!

Get to know yourself again!
We invite you to join this unique experience with us through powerful body and tantric practices, deep energetic touch, and tapping into your unlimited potential of energy, power, love, and abundance!
  • Go beyond the boundaries and limitations that you have set for yourself to feel the full spectrum of life
  • Find harmony within yourself and with your partner to feel and understand each other deeper at body, heart and soul level
  • Feel your own vastness and the vastness of your relationship, filling it with pleasure, unconditional love and trust
  • Free yourself from energy blocks in your body and awaken natural sexuality and sensuality in your relationships
  • Bring out the transformational sexual energy within you

An important moment!
If you are not in a relationship at the moment or your partner is unable to attend the retreat with you, please join us by yourself.
You will be able to integrate all the knowledge and practices that we teach in our retreat, and share them with your partner.
Cost of participation:
One participanT - 1 900 €

Two participants - 3 610 €
There is an option to pay in instalments
*Transfer from the airport to the hotel is paid separately

Before July 1
The price includes full board accommodation in the 5 star hotel Westin Valencia Marriott BonVoy
If you have any questions about the retreat, please, contact the manager:
Location: Valencia, Spain
The Westin Valencia Marriott BonVoy
The Westin Valencia is ideally located in the city centre close to the historic center, the commercial area and the City of Arts and Science of Valencia. Hotel’s Art Deco style rooms and suites have a warm, relaxing atmosphere with plenty of natural light.
The Westin’s Wellness Health has a 25m² indoor therapy pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, experience showers and fitness centre.
  • We will spend time together on the yacht
  • We will integrate the teachings from the retreat into our real lives, allowing ourselves to live in abundance and enjoyment
  • All in peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy each other’s company

The Retreat Program
Day 1
Gentle Immersion
Soft, gentle body practices that will immerse you in the tantra of life. During this day, we will get to know each other, become closer, and begin to fill our space with the shared energy of love and unity.
day 2
Unconditional love and heart opening practices
  • Practices to free you from restrictive and negative past beliefs.
  • Practices to strengthen intimacy and trust between you and your partner. We will fill our hearts with love, depth, sincerity and true feelings using body and breathwork.
day 3
The power of sexual energy in relationships with yourself and your partner
  • Practices aimed at activating powerful and transforming sexual energy. Breathing and tantric practices to work with blocks in the energy centers. You will learn to release negative emotions and tensions from your body.
  • Practices to unite masculine and feminine energy, and balanced energy exchange
  • You will feel huge energy potential in your body, and will be able to direct that energy to grow and develop your relationships.

day 4
Practices to expand your awareness and gain new perception of reality
  • Practices aimed at freeing sexual energy. Become like a river capable of creating your life and filling it with your own strength, depth and feelings.
  • Practices aimed at working with your thoughts and consciousness. Body relaxation practices and techniques to activate sensuality and tactility.

Утренние танцы для женщин и мужчин, наполняющие тело любовью и лёгкостью. Ведущая - профессиональная танцовщица.
Эстетик-дэнс. Ведущий - профессиональный диджей.
day 5 (optional)
Celebration of our new abundant life
Not included in the main program. Participation is optional. It is paid separately, in addition to the cost of the main program.

Dima and Katya Plotko
  • In harmonious relationships over 10 years.
  • Teachers of Tantric and Energetic Practices
  • Authors of Relationship Improvement Techniques
  • Hosts of Retreats, Female Intensives and Male Circles
Let your relationship unfold and obtain greater depth, harmony, and integrity!
What awaits you during the 4 days of retreat
Lectures about relationships in the new era and about energy within the couple.
Understand where your energy leaks and how to replenish it. Learn how to understand the emotional state of your partner, how to develop your relationship while maintaining your sense of self.
Lectures about health and nutrition.
Energy and breathing techniques.
Deep, but soft tantric and body practices.

Learn to hear and understand yourself, your body, and your partner’s desires through relaxation, tactility, and sexual awakening practices.
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